I’m a Mother

I took a break from painting this weekend.  I was going to paint the mud room but I thought I could quickly wipe the walls with a mop and it was making mud so I had to get a bucket of the borax, vinegar, soap and wash down the room with a rag.  It’s so nice outside and it’s calling me.  One of the reasons I like this house is the half acre.

My friend mentioned making some rag rugs and I’ve done that before and have a couple different ways to make them so I took some things up and now I keep thinking about it so I need to do it!!  One way is to crochet and one way is to build a frame and weave them.    Thursday evening on the way up I was trying to find a Michael’s I had seen.  When I was at the cool King Soopers/Fred Myers I looked for a couple of things I need but they didn’t have so I looked for Michael’s it in my GPS and it said the closest one was 22 miles away.  I know that is not right so I set off to see if I can remember where it is.  I can’t turn left where I want to and it’s 8:15pm and I don’t know how long the store is open so I decide to just get on my way to the homestead.

Friday is a beautiful gorgeous day.  I go outside and decide to check out the shed and see what I would need to put some tool hangers in there.  Hmmm, it’s metal and I don’t want to put holes in the wall so I need to figure out how to do that.  Anyone have a metal shed and how to store your tools (other than just throw them in there)?  I sweep it out and there’s not too much dust in there.

I want to start working on that garden but I need some tools.  I make a list of what I need and also some things I need at Michael’s. I can’t get the idea of making rugs out of my head and just have to do it now!!!  I hate it when an idea keeps gnawing on you and you can’t ignore it.  Like the last thing I probably need to do right now is make rugs.   I have an old yellow pages for Greeley so I look up Michael’s and there’s not one in the book.  I look up arts and Hobby Lobby s listed so I guess that’s where I’ll go.  Of course, I made the big list and conveniently forgot to take it with me 30 minutes from anywhere so I’ll have to use my memory – uggg!  I get there and pick up what I need and head off to Home Depot because it’s closer to where I am than Lowe’s.  I get a little shovel (love those really short tiny ones), rake, a soil turner (looks like a pitchfork with broader tines) and a shuffle hoe.  I LOVE the shuffle hoe.  I was introduced to this tool while being a Proctor Apprentice.  It has a blade and when you run it along the ground it goes just beneath the soil surface and cuts off weeds.  It’s a great tool for keeping paths weed free.  I want to have dirt paths instead of rock or mulch.  I think up there it is so windy mulch will blow away and I hate rock.  It’s so awful if you want to get rid of it or move it and the weeds some up through it anyway so I’m saving myself a lot of trouble and work by making dirt paths.  It depends on what type of path but in the herb garden dirt paths will work just fine.  There were too many things I needed to build the rug frames and I can’t remember them all so I’ll do that task later.

I decide to spray another deck chair.  I paint the purple one and decide it’s too breezy to do more.  I didn’t have quite enough paint to cover it and I blame it on the breeze.  I go inside and someone knocks on the door.  I meet the neighbor who lives down on the corner.  I can’t remember her name but I can remember her dog’s name.  She hands me a phone number of the previous owner who wants to talk to me.  Something about he owned the propane tank (not true, it is leased) and he wants to sell it.  WHAT????  The guy is drunk most of the time so I’m hoping he will forget he called her to give me his number.

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The other trees are blooming this weekend.  Since some rain would be nice to water them I get out the hose and proceed to give them a good drink so I can make sure it rains later.    I think it worked.  It is supposed to rain up there today (I hope).

While watering the trees I meet the neighbor behind me.  We talk about the obnoxious goat head weeds that grow and look around but I don’t think they are popping up yet.  I meet his dog “Lady”.  He has the same theory I do about some of the weeds.  There is nothing else in the yard so rather than kill them they have pretty blooms and at least it’s better than looking at bare soil that will get more weeds anyway so for now I will let some of them grow.

The next morning is beautiful and I realize there is no wind so I run out and paint the other two deck chairs.  The previous owner had them out by the trash but the trash wouldn’t take them so I dragged them back into the yard and they will do until I can think about getting something different.  Four times this weekend when I go out and work around the deck the tan cat runs from under the deck and jumps over into the alley.  I talk to my Mom and tell her I think that cat wants to live here.  For three weeks it’s been living under the deck or at least every time I see it it is going either under the deck and coming out from under it.

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The rest of the day I pull grass out of the little rock garden in front of the house.  There are some iris in it and I don’t know what else.  I forgot to take a picture.  I pulled out tons of grass.  I use my trusty Hori Hori knife to dig the grass out.  Anyone else use one of these?  It’s a great tool.  It’s a Japanese fishing knife, sometimes used for Bonsai.  Best garden tool ever.  I’ll have to do a trench to keep the grass out from now on.  I’m sure I missed some so will take me awhile to get out all of it.  Someone gave me a packet of perennials so I sprinkled them in the area that is getting sun.  It looks like the garden will be half shade, half sun so I’ll plant accordingly.

I know it’s supposed to start raining and the weather is taking a turn so I decide to get ready to head back down but I saw a wasp go in the cellar.  I want to make sure they are not building a nest down there so I open the cellar to go investigate.  As I turn to come back up the stairs I see something light colored back in the corner under the stairs. My eyes haven’t quite adjusted to the light so it takes me a second to realize it’s a kitten.  I’m thinking oh, how did you get down here and then I realize it’s a litter of kittens.  I think there are only four until they unpile off of each other and I count five heads.  That’s why the cat has been hanging out under the deck.  I think he may have birthed the kittens under the deck.  I have no idea how they got in the cellar.  The door has only one hinge and at the bottom there is a space where the wood is rotted but it doesn’t seem big enough for a cat to go through but I guess she did.  Unless the kittens were down there last week and we just didn’t notice them I think she moved then down there in the last week.  Oh good grief, now I am worrying about them.  I’m sure they would be just fine if I didn’t know they are there but I’m worried the mother can’t get down there.  Dumb since she obviously has.  I take an old mattress pad (remember the one I burned – see the first week blog) and cut it up and take it down there.  I don’t have a box but I think the corner of the stairs is just fine.  I find a paver and a flat rock and I put them under the end of the door to give the mom more space to come in and out.

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Anyone want a kitten?  They should be ready in about three to four weeks.  I’d like to keep one but I don’t know if it will work out that I can quite yet.  I have a couples friends who would like one.  Just let me know if you would like one.

This week I need to figure out what perennials I’d like to put in the front garden.  I worked until 1:00 to 1:30 and the shade was still covering half of the garden.  I meant to check later and see if it was getting any sun but I think I can have a nice shade garden there.  I will have to have a Bleeding Heart.  One of my favorites and some Columbine.  Maybe some Coral Bells.  There are lots or rocks.  One is a really pretty quartz rock.   Darn, I wish I hadn’t forgotten to take a picture.  I could have you all give me ideas.  All stray plants will be accepted if you have any you need to get rid of.

That’s all folks!!




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4 Responses to I’m a Mother

  1. Larry Ehemann says:

    Patty I really like your idea of painting the chairs. They look unique and a designer special one of a kind set. Might be a profitable business to go into. I am really enjoying your blog and envy many of the great experiences. Are you thinking of catching the mother cat and having her neutered?
    Wishing you a great May. Larry

    • pbodwell says:

      Yes, I am thinking of trying to keep the mother and having her spayed. I want to keep one of the kittens too. The one that looks like her. If they keep living in the cellar for a few more weeks I should be able to socialize the kitten. The Mom may be harder. I’ll have to start feeding her.

  2. Trudy says:

    The chairs look great! I think you should get a plywood table top and do busted china mosaic on it.
    Or…is that too obvious? Mom thinks you should catch the Momma and have her fixed too.

    • pbodwell says:

      No, I like the mosaic idea. It is one of my art specialties. I usually use glass but for outside the busted china would be great. Good idea. I am thinking of trying to get the Mom to live at my house. She is already living in the yard most of the time. If I do I will have her fixed. I want to keep the one that looks like her.

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