What’s the Buzz and Tumbleweeds

WooHoo – got an extra day this week.  I didn’t have to work on Easter Sunday so I stayed until Monday morning.

Lots of buzz this week.  When I got there Thursday evening I was bringing stuff in and I heard a weird buzzing.  What is that now I thought?  I walked around trying to figure out what it was and I realized that the kitchen heater was on.  I pressed my foot against the vent and the buzzing stopped.  There’s no place for a screw in the middle of the vent so I’ll have to check that out later.  The heat didn’t come on the rest of the weekend so I’ll have time to figure it out.  I may pull out the cabinet and do something different there so it can wait.  Every time I make a list I have something that pre-empts it.

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Friday morning I get up early and unload the two chest of drawers that I bought at a store and repainted.  I debated over using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or Little Miss Mustard Milk Paint.  I decided to try the Little Miss Mustard because it’s cheaper and it’s a powder so you can mix as much as you want instead of the whole quart.  For now I put them both in my room but haven’t decided whether I’ll leave them both in there.

After I drag the drawers upstairs it’s time to finish edging the walls in the second bedroom.  This should go quickly.  Wow, there are a lot of edges in this room.  There is a peak in the ceiling and there is a ledge around the whole room; and in the closet there is a peak and a ledge.  I’m thinking by the time I get it all edged it will almost be painted.  Dan is supposed to come over and help today and it’s almost 9:00am so I give him a call.  He has to babysit today so I have all day to putz around and do other stuff.  After I get the edging finished I need to tape the trim. That takes longer than I think and then I roll the walls and it’s about 3:00 so time to get cleaned up.  I’ll still need to do the stupid second coat.  Aaaarrrrgggg.

My plans for dinner were going to be having dinner with Dan and I call to see if they can do dinner even though he couldn’t come to the house.  I decide I need to find Lowe’s and I make a shopping list.  Paint tape, a Swiffer (there is dust on my newly painted floors – the horror – as if there won’t be dust up there), and maybe a can of spray paint for the chairs the trash wouldn’t take that I pulled back into the yard to see if I can salvage.  We have a nice dinner at On The Border and Dan tells me the Lowe’s is on US34 & 47th Avenue so I decide to go on the way home.  I drive all over this crazy shopping center and don’t see a Lowe’s.  I see a Goodwill across the street but no Lowe’s.  I decide to give up and get back on 47th and I can’t turn left so I go straight and all of a sudden I’m behind Lowe”s that is hiding behind the Goodwill.  I get my stuff and it’s late when I get back and the Rockies are on the radio so I decide to set up my new clock radio in my new bedroom and listen to the game.

Dan can come over Saturday so I get up early and get the second coat of paint on the walls in the bedroom before he arrives.  I still have time so I decide to go outside and paint one of the chairs I salvaged to see how it looks.  As I go outside I notice for the second day there are wasps that want to congregate inside the back screen door.  The door won’t stay closed but it seems odd they want to keep being in there.  I shoo them out but I can’t tell where their nest is or where they are going.  It looks like they might be searching for a new home.  I go back inside and the next time I go out there are seven inside the door.  One comes inside and is buzzing around.  OK, this is getting irritating.  I have to make sure every time I open the door there isn’t a wasp colony inside the door.  There is one obstinate one that doesn’t want to fly back outside so I kick the door a little.  There is a big crack on the inside and the outside of the door.  When I go back out I notice sawdust on the cement.  Hmmm, it appears the sawdust is spilling out of the crack.  Are the wasps living in there?  OK, one more thing to pre-empt the list.  I decide it would be fun to have an old wooden screen door that is on a screen and slams when it shuts.  I’m searching around the salvage yard and Dan knows a guy with a salvage so hopefully I will find one soon.  The old door DEFINITELY has to go now!!

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It’s still early so I get out the paint and spray one of the chairs.  It looks pretty good so I decide I should do all four in different colors.  I get that done and then I hook up the hose and water all the trees.  I have a plum tree in bloom.  The pears and apples are just getting ready to bloom.  Maybe next week.

Dan arrives and we make our pile of tumbleweeds.  Good grief.  It is taller than me so over 5 feet and is about 15 to 20 feet long.  It’s a little breezy and when we start it begins to sprinkle.  We just go ahead and the rain doesn’t amount to much.  Two hours later we don’t look like we’ve hardly touched the pile.  With the breeze I don’t want the fire too big.  After two hours the wind goes away and we finish the rest of the pile in about 10 minutes.

After we burn weeds Dan helps me drag the other mattresses upstairs.  I’m running out of steam.  We go outside and look at the shed doors and we take them off and put them back on.  With a little hammering on the tracks I should be able to get them to stay in the tracks.

The carbon monoxide detector needs a new battery so Dan climbs up and drags it down and we finally get it open and it doesn’t take the 9 volt battery that I have.  EVERYONE said, get a 9 volt, it’s a 9 volt.  Well, this one is two AA.  Of course I don’t have one.

We did a lot today and it’s about 6:30 so time to stop for the day.

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Next day, I get up and get the floor and the other two doors painted.  I watch the church across the street and I go wander out in the yard and I can hear them singing.  I’m disappointed that neither church rings bells on Sunday morning.  I was kind of hoping they would.

I take another drive into Lowe’s and pick up 29 switch plates.  This house has 38 outlet electrical switches, 8 double switches, and one triple.  I really really want porcelain switchplates but they are expensive so I compromise and get plain old plastic ones for the outlets that will be hidden by furniture and I’ll get nice ones for the walls.  I just couldn’t justify almost $300 for outlets that might be hidden.  I grab 3 more colors of paint for the chairs, some quick connects for the hoses, a couple sprayers, a wasp trap, and some AA batteries.

When I get back I get a call from Denise and she wants to know if I know that someone stole my Facebook identity.  Oh good grief.  I don’t have internet up there so I run over to Denise’s so I can check my Facebook.  By the time I see it has happened my friend were great and nipped it in the bud.  They knew it wasn’t me so they asked them 1,000 questions and whoever it was took the profile down.


Monday morning I decide before I leave I’ll dig around out front.  There are still some tumbleweeds we missed so I sneak them out in the road and hope the wind blows them into the field at the end of the street.  In the process I uncover some poor little tulips under them that are smashed and buried in the grass.  I decide to pull the grass and I just never know what I’m going to find.  One moccasin.  Hmmm, I wonder why only one?  Where did the other one go?

I try out the Swiffer and hate it.  Just don’t like them I guess.  I want to find an old fashioned dust mop.

WHEW!  Busy weekend.

Tumbleweed video:   This was after two hours –   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCuWWjInB9s&feature=youtu.be







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3 Responses to What’s the Buzz and Tumbleweeds

  1. Sami says:

    Patty it’s coming along amazingly!!

  2. Susan says:

    Always look forward to reading this! We have an old screen door from an early 1900’s cabin. Hopefully we’ll get it put up this summer. Gary was always my handyman. I’m slowly learning how to do to things. P.S. I hate all Swiffers too. I’m too old-school. Give me a mop and a bucket!

  3. Kathy McLaughlin says:

    Wow! What a project. I remember burning tumbleweeds and the associated smell. You had a lot. Congrats on getting them gone!

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