A pipe to nowhere

After a week off; Rockies opener and house sitting last weekend; I head back up.  I’m anxious to see if the plumber returned and finished the job.  Two weeks ago he had failed to replace a section of pipe and the water heater needed a relief valve pipe.

When I get there I decide to check it out.  I take a peek at the water heater and notice that there is indeed a relief valve pipe now but it goes nowhere. It’s two inches off of the floor.  I guess now if something goes wrong at least the water will be closer to flooding the floor.   My definition of a relief valve pipe would be that if it goes off the pipe goes outside or down a drain so the house doesn’t flood.  What really was the point of putting it on?  I’m assuming the plumber sent the same guy back to finish the job.  I don’t think he would have left it like this.


I go down in the root cellar and it looks like the pipe has been replaced everywhere it should be.  At least my hand is not wet when I poke around the pipes anymore.

It’s late so it’s time to go sleep in my new bed for the first time!!  It’s really comfy and I sleep well.  In the morning when I wake up I can see the sun coming up just to the right of the church catty corner across the street.  I’m not able to see the sunrise directly across the street because there is a line of trees blocking the view, even from upstairs, so I’m excited to see that I can get a peek of it while lying on the bed looking out the window.

I love the air here in the morning.  It’s so nice and fresh.  I look out the back door and see a big fat robin sitting on the corral singing its tune.  It poses for me, not concerned I’m pointing a big lens at it.


I think the cigarette smoke smell is finally gone.  I cook bacon and eggs and the house really smells good.  There is something about the house that brings back a smell memory.  I’m not sure if it’s one of my grandparents farms or what but I LOVE the smell.  Of course, bacon smells good anywhere but there is something different about this that triggers a good feeling.

Time to get to work.  I decide I need to hang my bedroom door back on.  I’ve painted it the same red as the floor.  I’m trying to decide if I need closet doors.  I hate folding doors and this is what is on all the closets.  You can’t see inside any of the closets unless you stand directly in front of them so I’m thinking the original house probably didn’t have closet doors,  They probably didn’t even have closets.  If I put them back I will paint them the same color as the hallway doors.


Drat, I had two weeks and I screwed around and didn’t order curtains or new switch plates.  I think I’m going to get porcelain switch plates.  That would be cool and sort of in the period of 1912.  Close enough to the time that they will fit in and be cool looking. I think I’m going to get lace curtains and the old type pull down shades that roll up.

I start painting the 2nd bedroom.   I get the ceiling painted and it’s about noon.  I bought some ribs and I need to take them over to Denise and she is going to smoke them for dinner tonight.  I need to get them over to her so she can rub them and get them in the smoker so I take a break and run over to her house.

I head back home and grab a little bite to eat and get started on the baseboards.  I had this bright idea that the edge of the board was so thin I should paint it first and then do the wall.  WRONG!  Note to self:  just do the trim last.

It’s 5:30 and Denise calls and the ribs are almost ready.  Just enough time to clean up and head over for a delicious dinner.  There is a beautiful sunset and I grab a few pictures and head back home.  The Rockies are on the radio so I turn it on and by 9:30 I’m beat so I take the radio upstairs and I hear the 8th inning but was out by the time the game was over.

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Hey, I have stuff blooming in my yard already.  Too bad they’re all weeds.  I need to identify what they are and figure out which ones are awful and start dealing with them.  There are some that are everywhere and not too obnoxious so I’ll deal with them last.  I get out my macro and take pictures so I can identify what they are and see which ones I need to deal with first.  If you recognize any of these, please tell me what they are.  I figure this is good practice for my Master Gardener training.  Identifying weeds is a big part of the job so this will get me started.

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Ok, enough screwing around.  I get back to painting.  I work all day.  Since I painted the trim first and I’m not very steady I have to tape all the baseboards.  Bummer.  This takes time but it does look better.  At about 3:00 I’m not finished edging the wall so I can roll it.  I still have one ceiling edge and all the corners (lots more in this room with two peaks and more corners) so I decide to stop and will finish next week.

Denise brings the dogs over and we take a walk around the town.  We’re going to find a geocache.  I don’t find it but we find a road and walk up it.  It must be where the county stores the maintenance and road equipment.  There are lots of road signs etc. laying around.  We go up one street to avoid the dogs that howl at us every time we go by (I need to meet them so I know their names).  It appears there are lots of dogs in town.  I never hear them but as we walk around we create a bark fest.  There are a few horses around as well.


Time to load up and get back down home.  It’s supposed to snow a few inches and start tonight so time to beat the weather.





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2 Responses to A pipe to nowhere

  1. acroteria says:

    Patty, if you haven’t ID’d all the plants, yet. Check ‘Chicory’ and ‘Parslane’. I’m not sure what grows in CO but it looks like you might have these two edible plants.

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