Pee in the toilet and pilot lights


What is it with this pee in the toilet left by men who don’t now how to flush?

The latest was a plumber so he should know how the toilet works.

The plumber was supposed to come Tuesday and put in a new water heater and replace two sections of pipes.

I got a call from my friend Denise and she had to go to town Monday to collect their mail (or return everyone’s mail that was blowing around the fields) because someone plowed into all the mailboxes down on the corner of CR80 and 392.   They found some of their mail in the box but they were all open and who knows what blew away.  She called me and said the plumber was at the house.  They stopped to make sure it was the right plumber at the right house since they weren’t supposed to come until Tuesday.

They figured out it was the right plumber and I was going to go up Tuesday and meet him so I decided to go up Tuesday anyway.  When I got there I saw the new water heater which looked good but the relief valve pipe was not installed.  I did have a shutoff valve which was not on the old one but we talked about putting on a pipe for the relief valve and running it somewhere (wherever they run them, he should know).  I went down into the root cellar and it looked like one section of pipe had been replaced but I looked at the other section and put my hand around the pipe and it came away wet so I’m pretty sure it looks the same and hadn’t been replaced and was still leaking.

I hate it when things are left undone or not like you expected.  I talk to Denise and she and John are shopping and just ready to go to lunch.  I run into the bathroom before I go and there it is again, PEE IN THE TOILET!!  The plumber peed, left the lid up, dribbled on the toilet and didn’t flush.  OK, that is the last straw.  If he had done a good job and finished the job I wouldn’t be so irate.  But really, this on top of everything else.

I decide to take off and meet Denise and John (30 minutes from anywhere) and have a nice lunch with them.  I get back to the house and call the plumber. He says the guy he sent out should have understood what needed to be done as they had talked about all of it.  He will call him and call me back.  He calls me back and I can tell he is so frustrated with the guy he sent out that I give him a break and don’t mention how he left the toilet.  He says it should have been done so he will send him out Wednesday or Thursday to complete the job.

I bought some batteries for the batteries not included thermometer so I decide to set it up.  The main unit is really easy to open and pop in the batteries.  The remote box has those little screws that are microscopic.  I only have one Phillips screwdriver up there.  I go get it and luckily I can get it to work.  It takes awhile but I get the screws out.  I put in the batteries and get it all screwed back up and then I read the next part of the instructions.  Could they not have told me not to put the back on yet?  Oh good grief.  The next step is to push a button in the back of the remote.  BEFORE putting the back on.  It takes me awhile to get the screws back out and I finally get the remote set.

It’s about 2:30 and it takes me one and a quarter hours to get back down to home and I work at 5:00 so I think I better get going.  For some reason I walk into the living room by the heater and I notice the pilot light is not on.  Oh no!!  Then I think, oh, the plumber must have had to turn the gas off to put in the new water heater.

I try igniting the pilot light on the fireplace and it will stay lit for about a second.  I try a few times and am getting frustrated because of course this is taking longer than necessary and I’m thinking I need to get on the road so I’m not late for work.

I get tired of trying to light the fireplace and I know I can’t light the pilot on the heater because the electronic clicker is broken and DO I HAVE A MATCH????  Of course not.  I talk to Denise and their propane lighter is out of propane.  Of course it is LOL.  She asks if I want her to run over but I quickly think that maybe the little market for campers should have some matches.

I jump in the car and go the block to the market and run in and yell “Do you have any matches” like a crazy woman.  They do but there is a cute little lady in there I have never met before and she tells me they have some free matchbooks if they will work.  When I tell her what I need them for she introduces herself and says, “Oh, you bought the little house on the corner, we see your car but we’re not sure if we should stop and introduce ourselves.”  I tell her anytime they see the car they are most welcome to stop and I’d love to meet some of the townspeople.  I’m saying this as I’m edging out the door.  I’m in such a hurry she probably thinks I’m crazy now.

I’m not the most excited person when it comes to lighting pilot lights.  Since the electronic striker is not working on the propane I take the grate off the front.  I usually use a fireplace match to light a pilot light since that’s the closest thing I can find to a 10 foot pole.  I’m not crazy about sticking my face close to whatever I’m trying to light.  I take the short little match and the pilot is trying to light but won’t stay lit.

I’m really frustrated now so I call the plumber back and ask if the other guy had to shut off the gas.  He says, no, he could shut if off at the water heater so he shouldn’t have.  I tell him that the other two pilot lights are out and I can’t get them lit.  He mentions if air got in the line maybe that’s why they went out and to hold down the button for a few seconds.  I thank him and hang up and hope he notices how frustrated I am with the way the guy left the  place.  What if I hadn’t gone up Tuesday.  Everything would have been frozen.

I try the fireplace and it works after I hold down the pilot setting for about 30 seconds.  I’m glad the striker works on the fireplace.  I go to the heater and take the teeny tiny short match and pray that the gas doesn’t poof at me when I try to light it since my fingers are about 1/4 inch away from the pilot light.  I hold down the pilot setting for about 30 seconds and it doesn’t poof and lights right away.  Hurray!!.

I really like the guy who owns the plumbing company but he needs to get rid of the I didn’t finish the job and peed in your toilet, left the lid up, and didn’t flush, and turned off all the heat in the house and didn’t bother to check everything was ok before I left guy.

Now I’m driving down the road like a mad woman and it’s Murphy’s law that I get stopped for 5 minutes on the road that gave no warning they were working on it and it is one lane today; then get behind the wide load truck that is driving 20 miles an hour.  Then I notice I won’t have enough gas to get home so I stop in Hudson to gas up and I drive into the Conoco and there is a chain link fence at right where you pull into the pumps.  They look open and I don’t have time to go anywhere else so I pull up at the pump.  The fence is right in front of me so I stop a little ways back.  I get out and wouldn’t you know that their pumps don’t have the stretchy cord that lets you pull the gas pump further to reach your tank so I get back in the car and pull up until I’m touching the fence.  Yay, the pump reaches.  I get the gas and have to back out of the space by the pump and I’m on my way.

I get home with 15 minutes to spare.  YAY, I’m not late for work.




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One Response to Pee in the toilet and pilot lights

  1. Larry Ehemann says:

    Sounds like the day from hell. I think I would tell the head plumber if he wants your business he will need to send a different fellow.Good luck with the next day at the new hosuse. Larry

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