One down, two to go, batteries not included

I hop up Saturday morning and fix some breakfast and get busy.

The room is dry and the second coat worked so it’s time to start on the baseboards.  I paint all the baseboards and while they dry I decide to paint the door.  I do one side of the door and the baseboards are dry so I start taking them into the other room and lowering them so they are now floor level instead of 1/2 above the floor.  I numbered them when I removed them so it’s easy to put them back in the right order.  I love the color white that I got for the baseboards.  It really makes the colors pop.

After I get the baseboards on the phone rings and Denise asks if I’m setting up the bed today and I say yes, that’s my plan.  They are going to split wood so she can come over and help me haul the mattresses upstairs now or later.  I decide the time is right so she runs over and we haul up the top mattress.  Piece of cake.  WooHoo.  Next is the box springs.  We decide the first one is so easy we’ll do it the same way.  Grrr, it gets jammed between the ceiling and the wall and the post.  It’s so jammed we can’t move it.  Ok, we shimmy it a little and Denise gets underneath and tries to shove up one part of it.  I’m sure it was only a few minutes but it seemed like a half hour.  It finally unjams (good thing I am leaving the hallway and stairs until I get the total upstairs painted).  We knock a little more plaster off the wall and gouge the ceiling (just a little).  Poor wall.  We are 1/4 to 1/2 inch away from the corner of the mattress getting to the top stair on the first flight and then we would be home free.  Hmmmm.  Denise says let me try something.  We open the back door and angle the mattress partly outside and we get a better angle.  Success!!  It gave us the extra half-inch we needed to get it over that top stair without it getting jammed against the wall and the ceiling, and the stair post.

Whew!!  Thanks Denise.  Off she goes to split wood.  I go back upstairs and decide to paint the other side of the door so it can be drying while I put the bed together.


It doesn’t fit


I bought a cool old antique bed.  Three legs have lost the cool wooden wheels that were on the casters.  One is still on but that will make it uneven so I take it outside and take a hammer and screwdriver and break the wheel off.  If I could get the posts out I could replace the casters but they won’t come out easily so I decide to use the furniture thingies with the carpet on the bottom to set them in.  I take the headboard, end board, and railings upstairs.  This should be easy.  The metal tabs on the railings fit into the slots on the end boards.  I try to put the railings into the slots and they are too big.  Hmmmm.   If I flip them over the metal tab is cone-shaped so I think ok I’ll put them in that way.  That’s not really the way it should work because the sides to hold the slats or mattress in are now upside down.  Oh well.  At least it will go together that way.  Hmmmm.  They are still not in very well.  I come to the conclusion these are not the right railings.  The tabs won’t come out of the holes but the bed is still a little wobbly.  I take a hammer and bang on it really hard.  It’s a little more stable but still a little wobbly.  I put the mattresses on and it’s still not quite as stable as I would like but will do until I can think of something.  It would be nice to have the right railings.  Anyone else ever deal with this?  I’m trying to think of a way to put the slats on even though the rails are upside down.  Maybe drill holes in them so we can bolt the rails to the railings so at least the corner of the mattress won’t fall through.  I put the mattress cover and sheets, blanket and bedspread on and it looks good.  I’m laughing because now I need a step stool to get into the bed.  As I sit on the bed my feet don’t even reach the railing.  I can see out the window while I’m laying on the bed.  Cool.  I’m going to like it.

I take all the tape off the fan and lights and heaters and get a bucket of the vinegar, borax cleaner and wash down the windows, fan and lights.

I sweep up the floor and decide it’s enough for now.  I’ll try to find new switch covers, new curtains and put the curtain rods up later.  I can put the door on next week. I still need to paint the closet doors to match the hallway doors.

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One bedroom down, two to go!!

When Denise came over she gave me a cool housewarming present.  I have no idea what the temperature is in the house because the heater has numbers, not degrees.  She gave me a cool indoor/outdoor temperature/humidity thermometer.  I’m excited to hook it up so I get out the package and curses, batteries are not included.  Oh come on, For the first time use and purchase you would think they could give you the batteries.  I don’t have any batteries so I’ll save it for next time to set it up.

I’m tired and dirty and my bum hurts.  I fell down a couple of days before right on my bum and it has taken 3 days for the bruises to start showing.  I go home and take a long soak in the tub and sleep very well.

I’m excited because next time I am there I will actually sleep in the bedroom instead of the living room.



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