Uggg, cobwebs, ashes, paint and baseboards

A quick stop at home after work to gather things and I head up to the homestead.  This week I arrive before it’s dark so that is nice.  When I arrive it starts to rain.  A nice light steady rain.  That will be great for the seeds I planted last week.  Boy, the air just smells so good up here.

I head upstairs to view the newly painted room and UGGGG, I can see all the roller marks and streaks in the paint on the walls (see previous blog).  I decide to do one wall with a second coat to see if that will fix the problem.  Do I do it now?  I decide it’s late enough so I decide I will just wait until morning.

In the morning I fix a cup of coffee, turn on the propane fireplace and sit and have a morning cup.

The plumber should be coming so I get out the wet/dry vac and suck up the cobwebs and layer of dirt on the water heater that will be replaced.  There’s no lack of dirt everywhere to be cleaned in this house.

I quickly slap on some paint on one wall to see if it will be ok.  It appears it might be.  I will let it dry to make sure and go from there.  I was hoping one coat would be enough.  Ugggg, more paint and more coats.  Oh well.  I’m glad it worked and I don’t have to rethink colors and start over.

I go outside and walk around.  When I was cleaning out around the decorative telephone poles with the funky tree ring I noticed there are all sorts of those awful burrs.  The ones I’m not sure if they are goat heads.  I really need to get a handle on the weeks.  I have one I need to identify.  The best I can describe is they look like they have miniature geranium leaves.  I need to look it up and id it so I can determine the best time to treat or get rid of them.  There’s way to many to pull and if pulling doesn’t fix the problem there’s no use putting all that effort into it.  Another reason I need to get that flamethrower.  You can give them a blast of heat and it burst their cell system and kills them.  It will also kill seeds.

I grab the pooper scooper rake and head over to the trees that I thought were covered with mounds of dirt.  I’m not sure the purpose of piling up dirt around a tree since that will smother the roots and kill it.  When I get closer I see that it is the ashes from the wood burning stove.  There are ashes and bits of unburned log all over each tree.  Ugggg.  What was the purpose for this.  I think the purpose is “I’m a lazy ass and don’t want to deal with these ashes”.  If the dirt won’t kill the trees all the ash piled up will.  As I rake off the ashes from each tree I notice some plastic around the base of the tree.  I try to pull it off and realize the trees were plants in the plastic bag they came in.  I’m hoping it’s wimpy plastic and the tree roots will be able to grow through and they’re not winding around themselves.  The trees are also planted really deep.  It there any hope for these trees?  I don’t think they were planted last year so I’m hoping they will live by default and Mother Nature will work some magic with them.  There are a couple of Pussy Willows where you can see the plastic bag in the soil and they look like they’re budding out nicely so I can only hope the fruit trees will fare as well.  I can’t see any of the root ball but I’m hoping they survive.

It’s about 10:30 so I call the plumber and he is hung up on a job so hopes he can make it by afternoon.  I have a Master Gardener class from 1:00 to 4:00 so ask if I need to be there for them to work.  We decide I don’t need to be there and he’ll call if things don’t get better where he is working now.  By 11:30 he calls back and says they have run into some really difficult problems at a commercial business so we reschedule the plumbing.

I get cleaned up and go start off to find the Weld County CSU Extension office in Greeley.  I have my last Master Gardener class, “Herbs and Edible Flowers”.  My last class before I start volunteering my 50 hours for this year.  I am registered in Douglas County but since I bought the house up in Weld County and thought I might be up there I scheduled this last class up there.  I meet some nice people who are Master Gardeners in Weld County.  I get to ask some questions about what it is like to garden up there as well.  I learn that it is Zone 4 up there and maybe some Zone 5 plants will be ok.  Good info to get started gardening on the right track.

After class I stop by the cool Fred Myers/King Soopers and grab a few things and head back.  I’m starving so I fix a quick bite and then it’s back upstairs.  The wall looks wonderful so I get busy and paint all the walls a second coat.  I’m thankful the ceiling looks ok. Wouldn’t want to have to do two coats there.

It’s getting late so I decide to quit for the night.




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Master Gardener; Nat'l Award Winning Photographer; Garden Writer; Artist - art books, print maker, hot glass, wire jewelry designer; sometime quilter; new homesteader; bee keeper; very crafty; Baseball fan, enthusiast, and researcher; all things vintage
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