Yes, I’m actually painting

It’s a gray snowy morning.  There are a lot of birds still chirping around.  I turn on the little fireplace and enjoy it while I have a cup of coffee.

I decide to hit it early so I head up to bedroom #1 and start to take off the baseboard.  It’s a half-inch off the floor and looks weird so I’ll just take it off and paint if before I put it back.  It will be easier to paint the wall and floor without it anyway.  I make sure I number the boards with 1-1 etc. for room #1 and the order I take off the boards.


I’m not sure why but all the closet and hallway doors are piled up in this room.  It takes me a few minutes to take all of the doors and pile them in the last room I’ll be painting to get them out of the way.

I take down the curtains and throw them in a bag for trash.  Everything is so dirty there is no saving them.  I take down all the hardware.  I save them to use for new curtains.

I hate taping so I decide to just tape the top of the fan and the light on the wall.  I take off all the outlet covers.

With the peaks in the ceiling there are lots of “corners” that need to be painted first so I get my small brush and go to work.  That doesn’t take too long.  I use a small 1 inch brush to do the edge between the ceiling and wall.  It has a short handle and I’m able to do a nice straight line without taping.  YAY!!  After I do the edging it doesn’t take me too long to roll the rest of it.

I take a small break for lunch.  Leftovers from last night – Yummm.  It is snowing but I decide I need to go stick in the sweet pea and morning glory seeds I soaked overnight.  I think the snow will insulate and give them some good moisture.  I run out and take a few minutes to stick them in the ground.

I then start on the walls.  Oh my, the paint is beautiful.  It’s a nice rich color.  I’m excited because of the color mix up and the guy working 40 minutes to make it the color I really wanted.  I do the same as with the ceiling and start on the corners.  Wow, with all the ledges, and cubbyhole corners it takes quite a while to do all the corners.  I use the small 1 inch brush to do the edge between the wall and ceiling and around the door trim.  YAY, I have control and can do all the edging without taping.  That saves a lot of time.  Did I mention I hate taping?

Oh no, the paint is drying really dark.  It is about 2-3 shades darker than I want.  Some places it looks gray.  This is supposed to be the color to do the whole house.  I have a big decision to make.  It’s a beautiful color but do I want it this dark throughout the house?  The house has lots of windows and is pretty bright.  Also, it seems as the day wears on and the sky gets brighter it doesn’t look too bad.  What to do?  What to do?  I decide to let it dry thoroughly and look at it next week to see what I want to do.  With the light on it is really pretty and seems brighter.  I’ll just have to wait and see.  It took so long for the guy to match the paint that now I have a custom color.  He named it after me.  If I want to I can have the whole house that color.  It’s hard with a digital camera to get exactly the right color to show but the difference is easy to see.

I accidentally bought a crummy brush for the floor.  It is streaky and I don’t have time for this so I decided to leave the edge of the floor for next week and I quickly roll the floor.  I love the color they matched that I gave them from the wall.  It looks like raspberry in the can but dries to a really nice red/brown color.  Now I’m looking at the room thinking it looks like I could eat it.  It really depends on the light what color it is.  Heavy sigh – decisions, decisions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s too late to start on the trim and baseboards so I will do that first thing next week and I will have one room finished.  I’m going to paint to hallway and closet doors the same color as the floor.  This is what it looks like so far.

It’s late and I decide to head back home tonight.  It’s still flurrying but it’s supposed to be that way in the morning so might as well leave now.  Next week everything will be really dry and I can see what it really looks like.



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One Response to Yes, I’m actually painting

  1. Dori Jobe says:

    I really love your color choices. Warm and inviting. 🙂

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