Paint, bindweed, Hori Hori and coconut rum

Thursday night it’s back up to the house.  I stop at Guiry’s to pick up the paint I’ve ordered.  I had made a terrible mistake.  When I went to order paint I took the paint chip I had carried around for three weeks that was getting ratty in my purse just to make sure I still had it to go order paint.  When I get to the store I have the trim, floor and ceiling paint chips but I can’t find the wall chip.  I go over to the paint chips and they are all mixed up.  A girl helps me find the series I’m looking for and I THINK I find the right one.  I take it over and order three cans of it to be picked up Thursday evening so I can head off to the homestead.  When I get home I notice the chip on the floor and I pick it up and it’s a different number. CRAP!!!  I call Guiry’s immediately but they have already mixed the paint.  The guy is grumpy and tells me I have to call back the next morning.  I call and the very nice guy who took my order earlier says not to worry, it will be the color I want.  When I go to pick it up it is lighter and not really the same color.  This is my base color that will go throughout the whole house so I want it to be right.  The other nice guy says they can’t eat the paint but he’ll try to get it the color I want.  40 minutes later  and many remixes (really, wouldn’t it be easier to throw them in the mismatch pile and just give me the color I want? – I’m trying very hard to realize it’s my mistake but would it hurt them since they know in the end I will be buying at least 8 more gallons of this color) I leave with what looks like a three gallons that are a close match (to be continued later in story).

When I get there I notice the living room light is on.  Really, did I leave it on?  I was sick last week and didn’t make it up so I’m figuring it’s been on for two weeks.  Yay for the power company.  More money for them.

It’s late so I just go to bed.

Friday morning is beautiful.  Nice and crisp outside.  Lots of birds chirping.  Hey, the trash man cometh!!  The dumpster is empty. Now I’ll see how long it takes them to come pick up the dumpster and take it away.  The lawn chairs and table are still there so I drag them back into the backyard and I’ll paint them up and use them.  The old bbq grill is gone – Thank Goodness!!  I once had a bbq grill that I put a sign FREE on and tried to give away and no one would take it.  I put it back out without the sign hoping someone would steal it but still no one took it.  I’m glad I did not have another grill to deal with in my lifetime.  I’ve figured out if you want to get rid of something, act like it’s your prized possession and someone will steal it.  It’s more fun to steal than take something that is free I guess!!

I’m starving and Denise wants to go to breakfast and get some gas so she picks me up and we go have a yummy breakfast up on Hwy 85.  We see a herd of small antelope.  I curse myself because I had my camera ready to take and decided I didn’t need to bother my friends every time I want to take a picture of something.  Denise is sorry I didn’t bring my camera so now I know……

When I get back I have about a half hour or so before the plumber comes so I decide to dig around outside a little bit.  I have my favorite gardening tool, the Hori Hori knife.  It’s a little humorous some of the stuff I find outside.  There are two old telephone poles by the front door.  They have a metal band around them holding them together.  I have heard that the house was once the Briggsdale Newspaper office.  I don’t know if the story is true but it sounds good to me.  I make up a story how the telephone poles were used for a telegraph line and that is why they are there, cut off, sticking up in a place where you wonder why they are there.  They have some brick tree ring sections around the poles (missing a couple of sections so only goes about 3/4 the way around the poles)- WHY????  Is this some sort of garden decorating that I am not aware of?  I clean the grass out of the ring so I can plant some sweet peas and Morning Glories to climb around the poles.  I find out I have those awful bur weeds everywhere.  I don’t think they’re goat heads but the smaller kind.  Maybe they are goat heads.  Whatever, the rubber is worn off my gloves and they are poking into my fingers like crazy.  It makes me look around and the yard is full of them.  I will have to do an emergency weed eradication soon before they start blooming again.  They are already getting green leaves.  I leave the tree ring.  WHY????

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The plumber comes.  He checks out the creepy light in the tub.  Nothing wrong – HURRAY!!  It’s just a white drain pipe so the light shines through it.  Now that I know a snake won’t becoming up through the drain I can relax!!  There are a couple of pipes that have been patched so many times they don’t look like pipes.  He’ll come back next week and replace a couple of sections.  We talk about the water heater and I decide there’s no time like the present to replace it.  It 15 years old and it was a 6 year warranty heater so I’m sure it’s time.  You can see the corrosion holding it together.

While we’re down looking at the pipes I see something growing on the ledge down in the cellar.  Bindweed!  Curses to bindweed.  Hmmm, if I let it wrap around the pipes will it insulate them so I can unplug the weird space heater down there – HAHAHA.

After the plumber leaves I decide to go shopping.  I heard Big R is a cool store.  It’s like Murdoch’s, a little bit of everything.  It’s a cool store.  I will go back there for sure.  I need to get a tumbleweed burning flamethrower soon as the tumbleweeds are starting to pile up around the homestead and I’m sure they have one.  I would like one that I don’t have to haul around a propane tank but it needs to burn long enough to do the job.  Anyone have a brand they like that could be handheld without a tank?

I end up at Home Depot and grab some rollers, brushes and painting supplies and a handy dandy long poled weed digger and some new gloves then head off to the cool Fred Myer/King Soopers and see what they have for birthday cakes.  It’s Denise’s birthday and we are going out to dinner and I don’t know if there is cake involved so I’ll bring one.  It’s kind of warm today and I want an ice cream cake.  Will it survive a half hour drive back to the house?  I guess I’ll find out.  I get a cake and double bag it and put it in a paper bag.  I put it in the freezer as soon as I get back and hope it is ok.

I have an hour before I need to get ready for dinner.  I decide it’s time to clean out the root cellar.  I put on my hazmat suit (old ratty blue hoodie, gloves and a mask).  The mask smells gross but I think it’s better than breathing whatever is down there.  I take the broom and sweep the stairs, and try to wipe all the cobwebs down.  I decide it’s a job for the wet/dry vac so I fire it up and suck up all the cobwebs and dead spiders.  I take the super pooper scooper and get all the trash out (can, bottles, plastic bags – maybe some really really old items to be recycled but stuck there instead).  One of the three (blind and maybe musical) mice is missing.  It was right there last week but now is gone.  Hmmmm?  I scoop up one little mouse skeleton.

The most interesting is the two coconut rum bottles stashed up on the ledge like gold bars.  They are empty. Why are they stashed like treasure down there?


Party in the root cellar!!

OK, I am done for the day.  I take off the hazmat suit and go get ready for dinner.  I look into the mirror and my face is bright red.  Whatever is in that mask is way worse than what I would have breathed. It’s my fault.  I didn’t look to see where they were made. Probably in China and whatever is on my face is awful.  My face stays red for two days.

Denise and John and I and their friends Jack and Connie go to Olive Garden in Greeley.  We all had a great time and go back to Denise’s for ice cream cake.  It held together well.  I learn from a discussion at dinner that if you live way out there you learn to keep an insulated carrier in the car just in case you need to keep something cold.  I learn if you want ice cream in the summer you have to make it.  Oh darn, I have to eat homemade ice cream – how horrible 🙂

It’s been a long day so I sleep well, especially now that I know nothing will crawl up the tub drain.





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