Locks, poop and masks


My next adventure is getting the locks changed on the doors.  Saturday morning I get up and grab the screwdriver and take the locks off the doors.  My plan is to go to the closest local Ace Hardware and have them rekey the locks.

I get three locks off really easily.  The fourth one I forget to unlock it before I tear it apart and I can’t get it out of the hole.  It takes me 10 minutes and a couple of trips outside and around the house to figure out I can unlock if from the outside (DUH).

I call Denise and ask if she wants to go do some errands.  She was thinking of calling and asking if I wanted to go to the cool King Soopers so I bag up the locks and I go pick her up and we take off.  It rained all day yesterday so the dirt roads are muddy one tracks going up to her house.  I’m driving in the tracks and hoping I don’t meet any other cars on the way.  Whew, I’m the only one on the road.  YAY.

We head off to the local hardware store (30 minutes from anywhere) and when we go in I tell the guy I want to get some locks rekeyed.  I am thinking he has a really dry sense of humor when he says, “Well, we don’t have anyone here who can do that today.”  I laugh and say, you’re kidding me right.  HAHA.  He says, “no, we really don’t, we’re trying to train someone new.”  OK, I can understand if it’s a week day maybe but this is Saturday.  There is a customer at the checkout that yells over, “take them to Home Depot to the Pro Desk and they’ll do it for free”.  Allrighty then.  We’re off to go to Home Depot (another 30 minutes from anywhere).

At Home Depot a cute little old guy comes over to help me and says he used to do the locks but he is too shaky now so he calls another guy over (three times).  The guy comes over and says “I’m not working in this department today but I guess I can do it.” I tell him I hope so because I already went one other place and no one there could do it.  It is a nice service they have there.  They had a box of keys and he just picked one out of the box and rekeyed them all the same and I got extra keys made.  I paid for the new keys and the rest was free.  I gave him my three keys and he threw them in the box so they can use them for someone else.  Good way to recycle keys.

So far I haven’t been able to walk around the yard because it seems there is hardly anywhere there is not dog poop.  I’m thinking the previous owner NEVER picked up any of the poop.  While I am at Home Depot I plan on buying a shovel to pick up the poop.  I don’t exactly like the selection so I decided to get the Super Pooper Scooper.  I can use the rake and pan to clean up lots of stuff (including the awful and dreaded cellar filled with dead mice, chicken feathers, the economy size wine bottle, and the other crap down in there under the stairs).  Oh, yeah, I pick up the BIG box of 20 masks.  I don’t think I can enter the cellar zone without wearing a hazmat suit (well, at least a mask).

It’s a very strangely laid out Home Depot.  Denise needs a drain cover for their shower, I need a stopper for the sink and it appears it’s in separate places.  There are two sections with the sort of same things so we’re walking back and forth between the aisles (and of course they are several aisles away from each other).  We finally give up and find a girl who walks around with us for each item we need. Ok, we’re done there so off we go to the cool King Soopers.

We find a new place to eat on Hwy 85 and grab a bite of lunch.  I take her back home.  The road is now drying so the mud ruts aren’t so bad.

Speaking of mud I can’t read my license plates again so I think I’ll run  off to the car wash before I go to work today!!

I put the locks back on when I get home.  It takes me two seconds to put the locks back in and an hour to get the screws back in the holes that I can’t see inside the knob.  OK, maybe it just seemed like it took an hour.

I call the water guy and leave a message saying I’m ready to sign the water agreement and get a copy of the bylaws.  Five minutes later he drives up and we yak for about an hour.  I learn some local stuff and a lot about some of the local characters.  I ask about the trash situation and he offers to let me share.   I tell him that Waste Management suggested I find another trash company and he says they are the only game in town.  It seems everyone up there has different pick up times and pays different rates.  Very strange.

It’s too late to do much more today so I pack up and off to home I go.  A nice clean soak in the tub and an early night (well not so early because it’s spring forward the clock time).  I take comfort in the fact I can’t see light through the drain hole.


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Master Gardener; Nat'l Award Winning Photographer; Garden Writer; Artist - art books, print maker, hot glass, wire jewelry designer; sometime quilter; new homesteader; bee keeper; very crafty; Baseball fan, enthusiast, and researcher; all things vintage
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One Response to Locks, poop and masks

  1. Vicki Kohler says:

    Patty, your adventure is so funny..I am glad you are having so much fun!

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