Trash, lights and noises


It’s Thursday evening and I really want to get those rooms ready to paint – really!!  I go to Home Depot and grab a wet/dry vac and some cleaning pads for the steam cleaner.  I go to Best Buy and grab the cheapest radio/cd player they have.  To entertain myself I have some books on cd from the library and I’ll have a radio as well.

I stop at the cool Fred Myer/King Soopers on the way up and grab some weekend food supplies.

Friday morning I hit it early.  I go up into the three bedrooms.  I pull up all the old tack strip and padding and staples out of all three rooms.  I rip up the padding into small pieces and put them in trash bags as I still haven’t figured out the trash situation.  I figure everyone who comes to take a look or work can have a lovely parting gift of a bag of padding to take home and throw away.  It’s the admission price to come take a look!!

Whew, the rooms are finally empty of all old stuff.  I put together the vacuum and start vacuuming.  Lots of cobwebs are sucked up as well as all the old dirt underneath the baseboards.

That’s a new project.  In two of the rooms the baseboards were raised for the carpet.  In one of the rooms they are at floor level so those will stay put.  I will take off all the baseboards and number them so I can put them back in the right order so I can lower them to floor level.  There is too wide a gap between the floor and the bottom of the baseboard without the carpet.  As long as I have to take them off I’ll just paint them before I put them back.  That will make it easier to paint the floor and the wall without getting paint all over each other.

I have one bedroom I would like to be the art room.  While cleaning under the baseboards and the walls in that room a Derwent Graphic pencil is sucked out from under the wall.  That’s an expensive art pencil.  That’s my sign I have picked the right room to be the art room.

I have a steam cleaner and I get that fired up and steam all of the floors to really get the dirt off the floor.  A steam cleaner really gets up the grime.

After steam cleaning the floors I grab a bucket of the water, vinegar, borax concoction and lightly wash down the walls and the window ledges and tops of the baseboards where all the many years of dust have adhered to the surface.

Hurray, I am ready to paint – REALLY – for sure this time!!

I’m pretty tuckered so that’s enough for today.  I eat some dinner and decide I’m grimy so will take a chance and sit in the tub and take a bath.  All goes well until I turn off the light in the bathroom and see a glow from the tub drain.  How is it that I can see light in the tub drain?   Yikes, it’s really creepy looking.  Oh dear, I know I need to have a plumber come check the plumbing to make sure all is ok but I need to do it now!!

I start to hear a humming noise.  Where is it coming from?  It’s louder in the kitchen.  The electric heater is not going, the refrigerator is not running.  Where is that noise coming from?  It’s coming from the wall.  I know there’s no heater in there so what is it?  I’m thinking I need to look in the root cellar to see if I can tell what it is.  I put my jeans back on and go outside and open the very heavy almost falling off cellar door.  There is a light on down there to keep the pipes warm (?).  I go down into the cellar.  Oh great, there are three dead mice decomposing (I wonder if they were blind or musicians), chicken feathers everywhere, and a wine bottle stuck up on the side of the wall, and lots of crap under the stairs, and dead spiders hanging from the rafters.  Something is killing them but I don’t see anything there so not sure why they are dying down there.  I hear the noise and it is a small heater aimed at the pipes.  It must have a thermostat because it doesn’t run all the time.  That mystery is solved.  Hmmm, is it safe?  Isn’t there a better way to keep the pipes warm?  One more thing to check out.  It’s probably been that way for a couple of years so probably is ok for now.   Now I feel dirty again LOL.

Another two projects to add to my list (or make that four).  Check out that light in the tub drain, take off all the baseboards and number them so I can lower them, check if there is a better way to warm up the pipes (isn’t there insulation wrap you can plug in in the winter?), and I need to clean out that cellar as soon as possible.

Oh creepy light in the tub drain, what are you?  This doesn’t help me sleep!!


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  1. This is really fun to read Patty!

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