It is in nowhere!!

I run up again Wednesday morning to meet my parents and sister.  I gave them the directions from my GPS since it cuts off an hour of driving vs what is on MapQuest.

When I get there no one had driven down my street and it was covered with snow and very beautiful.  There were little paw prints in the street and in the back yard there were lots of prints with very sharp claws.  It may be fox.  I’m not sure so I’ll have to look up tracks to see if I can figure out what was roaming around.

It’s around 10:00 and I run to the post office and sign up and let them know I’m moving into town.  I didn’t get the nice lady’s name but I have a nice conversation with her and she gives me information on who to contact and a phone directory for that area so I can maybe find some things I’m looking for that have been elusive so far (see previous blog about trash).

It’s about time for my mom and dad and sister to arrive but no sign so I try to call them.  I keep getting an echo on my phone listening to myself talk and am getting frustrated.  Finally my sister calls and says they are very very lost.  Dad couldn’t come and since they are lost that is a good thing.  Way less stressful to get lost without him.  We sort of figure out where she is so they will turn around and go back and start over at the last point she knew where she was.  I’m waiting and still nothing so I decide to start driving that direction because I can’t call them from where I am (still getting echo like the phone is only working one way – arrrrgggggh).  My sister finally calls me again and she said they got to the big curve.  I asked if they went around the curve and she said, ” yes, but then I turned back around because it looked like I was going into nowhere.”

I started laughing and said she was going the right way because “It is in nowhere”.

I tell  her just to stay there and I will come get them.  I’m backtracking to go get them and when I get to the road they are on it is closed.  I have no idea how to get around this so I roll down my window and the workers appear not to see me.  I finally start yelling at them that my parents are lost on this road and I don’t know how to go around and get them.  Hmmm, maybe they don’t speak English or just don’t give a crap.  So then I start yelling at them “How long will this be closed?”  The guy finally says, a while.

I turn my GPS on and head toward home (my old home) and finally it gets me to where they are, then I change my GPS to go to the new home and backtrack they way I detoured and FINALLY we get there.

Their dog Snag loves the house and initiates the property outside.

These are sort of the colors. They’re not calibrated with the screen but you get the idea.

They love the house.  My sister is the best with color.  I’m excited to find out she likes the same colors I have picked so this week we will paint the bedrooms and set up the beds, MAYBE.


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Master Gardener; Nat'l Award Winning Photographer; Garden Writer; Artist - art books, print maker, hot glass, wire jewelry designer; sometime quilter; new homesteader; bee keeper; very crafty; Baseball fan, enthusiast, and researcher; all things vintage
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