Old Fashioned Soup Supper


IMG_5596Plans for this weekend. Finish pulling out the tack strip and padding and start painting.  The colors have been chosen.

I get there early Friday morning.  No one else can come today so I’m on my own to putter around at my own pace.

I want to dig into the bedroom but I will need to be able to eat there soon so I start in on the kitchen. This shouldn’t take too long – RIIIIGHT!

I start cleaning the cupboards and window above the sink.  This won’t take long and then I can get to the bedroom.  OK, I’m starting to clean the sink.  It’s a really cool sink with a built-in drain board on each side.  Very cool but someone tried to re-finish it and it didn’t work.  I think they probably didn’t get it heated well enough to bond it to the sink.  I want to try to clean it up but it’s not on my agenda today.  I can’t touch the sink without the finishing coming off so it’s starting to turn into a project which I don’t want to do right now.

I finally drag myself away from the sink and put some shelf paper in the cupboards and put a few dishes so I can get them off the counter.  It’s now about 2:30pm and I’ve yet to even walk upstairs to the bedroom

I need to do some shopping but I was very disappointed in one store I found up there last week.  It just didn’t have much in the way of groceries like I am used to.  There was a King Soopers I saw one day when I was coming from Johnstown and I call my friend Dan and he tells me approximately where it is.  I can’t find it on my GPS so I call Denise and she looks it up and I take off to find it.  Really easy to get to.  Go down one county road, turn left on another and go straight to it.  It is really cool.  EVERYTHING you need.  It’s a King Soopers with a Fred Myers which has furniture, appliances, a home store, and the King’s is really a nice one.  Lots of organics and things I’m used to.  It’s so big I can’t find a couple of things and I have to hurry because I’m going to meet John and Denise and go to the Old Fashioned Soup Supper.

The Old Fashioned Soup Supper is a benefit for a non-profit held at the Galeton Elementary School.  It’s a packed full house.  The MC is a DJ up here somewhere and he looks like Elvis.  The first song he plays if the Andy Griffith theme.  This truly is like Mayberry.  Very small town and lots of fun.  The elementary school choir provides entertainment.  They sing lots of songs including I’ve Been Working On the Railroad (a very cool arrangement).  So fun to watch kids acting like kids.  It’s $5 for all you can eat soup and dessert made by the locals.  The soup is really good and there’s lots of door prizes.  At the beginning of the evening I said what do you bet the MC breaks out in an Elvis tune before the night is over.  At the end of the evening he sings Love Me Tender Love Me True to a little 95-year-old lady.  A fun evening and a worthwhile cause.

Back to the house.  I’m going to set up a bed frame and put it in the living room so I can sleep there while I’m working on the house.  Over an hour later the bed frame just won’t snap together on one side.  I finally get frustrated and go get the hammer.  With a little yelling and a hard whack it did the trick.  I’m leaving the plastic on the mattresses because the house still smells like cigarette smoke and I’d rather get rid of the smell before I unwrap the mattresses and the soak up the smell.  The bed is set up.

I open the back door to go throw out some cleaning water and there is an animal in the back yard.  It is staring at me but it’s dark enough and far enough away I can’t tell what it is.  It has big ears.  I talk to it and it keeps staring.  I close the door to run get the camera and it is gone.

Time for bed.  Another long day.


Saturday – I actually get up into the bedroom and get all the padding and tack strips and staples out of the floor in one room.  I need to fix a couple of boards in the room that are loose.  Hurray

It is very cold and supposed to snow more this afternoon so I pack up and head back down home.  I will sleep well tonight!!!!


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