Morning Insanity


IMG_5596This house has a wall panel for propane heat.  There is also a little propane fireplace and a wood burning stove.  Each in itself is probably enough to heat the house.  I was told I could leave the wall heat on about the second settings and it would be enough heat while I am not there.

Gosh, on Monday night it got down to 12 degrees and today it’s not supposed to be over 21 with low of 0.

Worry, worry, worry.  If the pipes freeze it could be Trouble, trouble, trouble.  Did I leave the heat on high enough?  What if like other things the information I’ve received is incorrect (I guess the politically correct way to express the misinformation I’ve received).

Tuesday morning I have Master Gardener class but I just can’t help myself.  I jump in the car and drive up to the house.  All is well.  The setting I’ve put the heat on is sufficient.  There is a heat vent in the kitchen (see previous faux paus about plastic melting on cupboard).  I have it set to 55 which seemed ok but will be a little colder tonight so bump it up a bit.

Jump back in the car to race back for Master Gardener class.  Get to class just a little late.

Not bad for a morning’s insanity!!  I told my friend and she said, yes, you are crazy!!


About pbodwell

Master Gardener; Nat'l Award Winning Photographer; Garden Writer; Artist - art books, print maker, hot glass, wire jewelry designer; sometime quilter; new homesteader; bee keeper; very crafty; Baseball fan, enthusiast, and researcher; all things vintage
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