Trash or white trash?

Clothesline is now burned black and there is broken glass all over – just one more project

Ok, the real estate agent sends me an e-mail asking how it’s going.  I tell her about the pile of burned out trash that also fried the cool old clothesline pole.  She responds, “Yeah, he said he burned a sofa and got too close to the pole but he thinks I can paint it and it will be ok”.  I tell her the only thing I haven’t changed over or figured out yet is the trash.  She responds that the dumpster will probably go away the coming week.  I tell her I’ve been to the Pawnee Motel Water Company and taken care of the water and have called to have the electric changed over to me.

I’m really  not too concerned about the metal pole because yes, I can repaint it (although it was a cool shabby chic white already.)  I’m concerned about how he could leave a pile of burned out crap in the back yard and WHY he would burn a sofa out there anyway.

It’s Sunday night and I’m panicking.  What will I do with the burned out pile of trash if they come take the dumpster away on Monday????  Yikes.  I need to go back up there Monday morning and throw that pile of crap away.

I call my friend Denise and tell her that I need to come back up the next morning.  She says, “Don’t worry about it, we’ll go over and throw it in the dumpster.”

A couple of hours later I get a message from Denise.  “We got the burned out sofa in the dumpster.  It was REALLY heavy and it took a long time to move it because the coils wanted to snag on everything while dragging it to the dumpster.  There were bottles and plastic bags and all other sorts of crap in the pile.  We found a 5 gallon bucket outside to throw everything in to dump it.  The bucket is probably dirty but it can be cleaned.  It got so cold and windy that we  finally decided we were done.  We immediately threw our clothes in the washer when we got home.”  Like I would be worried if the bucket is dirty or that they picked up every little bit of crap after what they did for me.

Really previous owner?  It would have taken a lot less time and effort to walk the trash over to the dumpster and throw it away.

Thanks to John and Denise.  I OWE them big time.  That was beyond the call of friendship.

I still haven’t figured out the trash yet.  I got a reply from the trash company who I see their name up there everywhere and they say they don’t do curbside trash there I will have to find someone else.  Are there no other options you can offer me?  Oh well.  I stop in at the Post Office and the lady there is so nice.  She gives me the telephone number for the phone guy, and also a phone directory so I can look up some local stuff to see if there is anyone else who does trash.  She’s not sure there is anyone else.

Maybe I’ll end up burning it!!


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One Response to Trash or white trash?

  1. Ah…small town America!

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