The best laid plans


The next day I’m thinking I’ll get in the house, finish pulling out the tack strip for the carpet and get rid of the rest of the padding and then I can set up a bed.

I arrive back at the house.  The previous day I kept asking “do you smell something warm”?  When I left the previous evening I went around the kitchen smelling the water heater and the refrigerator.  Oh well, maybe that’s just the way something smells.  When I arrive in the morning I still smell something.  I touch the cabinet and it is hot.  Why is the cabinet hot?  Yikes.  I look down at my feet and I see melted plastic.  The previous day when I arrived and unloaded I put everything on the kitchen floor because it looked like the only clean place.  I failed to know or remember the kitchen had a heat vent.  I was told no heat was used except the propane wall heater so I didn’t even think about it.  I placed two big plastic bags with mattress pads blocking the vent.  The plastic bag was melted and the door to the cabinet is singed.  Murphy’s law since the only really good-looking things that don’t need any work on them are the kitchen cabinets.  Does anyone know how to fix this?

I need to use the bathroom but it’s awfully dirty.  I keep going to the kitchen to wash my hands so decide before I can do anything else I need to clean the bathroom.  There are lots of little shelves and I notice there is are yellow/brownish spots everywhere in the bathroom.  Even some streaks going down the walls.

I am going to make the house so my sister can come visit.  She has an unknown autoimmune disease and smells make her sick and she is allergic to almost every chemical.  If you want a GREAT cleaner, here is an old-fashioned one that still works better than any chemical cleaner I’ve ever used.

1 cup vinegar; 1 cup borax; up to a teaspoon of liquid dish soap in a gallon or water.  This works so well.  It easily cleans off everything except maybe hard water stains.

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I go to town on the bathroom.  I scrub every quarter-inch with vinegar, borax solution.  I finally figure out the yellow/brownish stains are nicotine.  It is underneath all of the shelves and on the walls.  5 hours later after all the nicotine spots, beard hairs, and other assorted gunk, and hand scrubbing the floor  I am finished.  Unfortunately the tub is just really old and doesn’t look like it’s clean but it is. I bought a bath mat to put in the tub so it doesn’t look so bad and that will be a project for later ( a claw tub would like excellent in this house).  It needs a repaint but at least I can now wash my hands in there and be comfortable stepping into the room without going eeeeewwwww.

(I’ve looked at claw tubs.  If you see one that is in pretty good condition let me know.  I’m trying to find one that maybe the inside doesn’t need refinished, just the outside.)

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I am listening to my weather radio and it is supposed to start snowing up to 6 inches around 5:00p and I have to work the next day so I decide to go home tonight instead of trying to set up the bed.

I decide I can’t do anything else until I clean the kitchen so I can set up a hot stove, a coffee pot and a microwave.  Hmmmm, not too clean in here either so need to dig into this next.  I start in on the refrigerator.  I get it all clean except the shelves.

It’s starting to turn dark and cloudy and windy and cold so I decide enough is enough and I should pack up and go home until the next time.  Oh, before I go I want to do a video of the house.  I walk around taking video and the last thing to video is outside.  I’m going around the yard and I notice a big pile of charred stuff next to the clothesline pole.  Oh for Pete’s sake there are burnt metal coils and I think the previous owner burned a mattress.  I do not have time for this right now.  I will take care of it next time I am up here.

I never got back up into the bedrooms to finish taking up the tack strip and padding.   Next week that is the first thing I will do – maybe.


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